Halloween for the Big Kids in Toronto

Posted by Lauren Parker on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 9:10am.

toronto halloween events 2015As tempting as it may be to stay inside in your pj's, flick the lights off, and turn on Netflix to start that horror movie marathon you've been looking forward to all year, there are plenty more reasons to get up and about Toronto this Halloween. Like a kid's bag of treats, the city overflows with fun events throughout the calendar year and October 31st is no exception. Here are a few ideas to help you eat, drink and be scary around Toronto over the next few weeks:

5. Scare Your Date at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival

It's time again for everyone's favourite local film festival that isn't named the TIFF. Going strong on its tenth year, horror film aficionados can once again enjoy nine straight nights (October 15 to October 23) of horror, sci-fi, action, and cult movies at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto's Entertainment District. Additionally, fans of classic horror movies might also want to attend a screening of Hitchcock's Psycho at Roy Thomson Hall on the 31st, with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing the film's soundtrack live.

4. Cross Over While on a Local Ghost Tour

With Toronto's long and storied history, there's bound to be a place that's considered by locals to be haunted (The Annex seems to have its fair share of purportedly haunted buildings) and a ghost story or two to go along with it. The Haunted Walk of Toronto offers a great informative tour, as do the historically-themed Fort York After Dark Lantern Tour and the family-friendly Haunted High Park tour. For something a little different, you can take The World's Least Scary Ghost Tour—while on a segway—at the Distillery District.

3. Do the Monster Mash at One of Toronto's Halloween Events

Like New Year's Eve for the big boys and ghouls, there's never a shortage of Halloween parties happening around Toronto. From the grand parties like the Monster's Ball at the Ontario Science Centre to the wild and festive block party at Halloween on Church (The Village at Church-Wellesley), and everything in between, there's really no excuse to not put on a costume and start dancing the night away. Speaking of dancing, there's even a Zombie Prom at the Palais Royale in Sunnyside, in case you were feeling a bit nostalgic and simultaneously hungry for brains.

2. Scour Then Devour a Halloween-themed Recipe

toronto halloween ideasIf you simply insist on staying at home to go on a horror-themed Netflix binge, you should at least prepare some morbid dishes or snacks to go with the night's theme. It's a great way to enjoy sugary treats with the kids (or by yourself—no judgment here), without actually having to go door-to-door.

Why not have "Bats and Cobwebs" (bow-tie pasta with plenty of gooey, cobwebby mozzarella baked into a delicious mystery meat sauce) for dinner, and some healthy "Brain Dip" (hollowed-out cauliflower and "organic-green-matter" avocado dip) to set the mood? Or maybe you'd want to tone down the scary and settle for the more conservative but equally-evil (calorie-wise) pumpkin brownies?

1. Enjoy Treats (No Tricks) at the Toronto Chocolate Festival

Admittedly, this one is a bit of a cheat—it's like going trick or treating, but as an adult, and well past the acceptable Halloween timeframe. The city-wide festival (which includes a Chocolate Ball has become one of Toronto's most decadent and certainly delicious events. The best part is, the Toronto Chocolate Festival runs until Nov. 8 so you don't have to settle for post-Halloween discounted chocolates from the grocery store to get your sweet fix.

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