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toronto home trade showsA home should always be evolving—it's not something you buy then neglect for the duration of your home ownership. It's a continual investment of time, love and care. As soon as you purchased your Toronto home, you might already have had home project ideas running through your mind about things you'd like to work on in the foreseeable future, be it sprucing up your home with proper interior design, converting garages into workshops or basements into family entertainment centres (or secret man caves), gardening or landscaping work, DIY renovations or maintenance repairs, and so on.

With the success of the four-day Toronto Fall Home Show held last month at the Exhibition Place, it goes to show how Toronto is a hub for home-related trade shows and expos,

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toronto art galleriesWhen it comes to personalizing the interior spaces of your home, nothing makes a home truly yours like the art and furnishing you choose to fill it with. The artwork that adorns your walls is a reflection of your personality and interests.

Toronto has long been a hotbed for new and established artists. The quality and variety of art available has helped to make the city into the vibrant and diverse cultural hub it is known as worldwide.

If you’re looking for just the right piece of artwork, these Toronto neighbourhoods each offer something uniquely their own and you’re sure to find something to uniquely represent you:

The Junction Triangle

Found just southeast of The Junction in the West End, this former industrial area is fast emerging as a

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toronto ethnic neighbourhoodsThere's nothing quite like travelling the world—not only does it give us a chance to experience different wonders and cultures, but it's also an excuse for us to taste and smell different flavours that are otherwise foreign to our senses.

But that of course, takes time and money—something the average Toronto busybody may not be able to spare so easily.

Lucky for us then, that Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world; with an extremely diverse demographic and more than 140 native languages and dialects spoken just within the Greater Toronto Area, this potpourri of a place is a great starting point as any to experience the world on a typical day in the city.

Toronto's Ethnic Neighbourhoods

Toronto's long history of

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toronto halloween events 2015As tempting as it may be to stay inside in your pj's, flick the lights off, and turn on Netflix to start that horror movie marathon you've been looking forward to all year, there are plenty more reasons to get up and about Toronto this Halloween. Like a kid's bag of treats, the city overflows with fun events throughout the calendar year and October 31st is no exception. Here are a few ideas to help you eat, drink and be scary around Toronto over the next few weeks:

5. Scare Your Date at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival

It's time again for everyone's favourite local film festival that isn't named the TIFF. Going strong on its tenth year, horror film aficionados can once again enjoy nine straight nights (October 15 to October 23) of horror,

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Unique homes in Toronto

Looking for a home out of the ordinary? You've come to the right place! Toronto is well known for its real estate oddities and singular residences that have made media headlines and been the subject of many a tourist photograph. From micro residences to cubes and half houses we've got some one-of-a-kind dwellings that double as attractions. Here is a list of five most unique homes in Toronto.

5. Coxwell Ave: The Cube House

Looking a bit like LEGO meets a Rubik's Cube, this colourful home stands 16' tall by 16' across with a total square footage of 8000 spread over three stories. There's even a small balcony with a green roof, a private under-ground (ish) parking spot and a long bridge to welcome friends and families who enjoy the experience of

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Casa Loma

Perched atop a hill in Midtown Toronto, Casa Loma draws thousands of visitors each year who look up and proclaim, "It’s a castle in the middle of the city!" The stunning landmark was built by Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt to fulfill his childhood dream of owning a castle.

Kingston-born financier Sir Henry Pellatt commissioned architect E.J. Lennox in 1911 to build what would become the largest private residence in Canada upon completion three years later. Pellatt, with significant business interests in rail, electricity, land and insurance used his vast wealth to build the castle at a cost of $3.5 million. Following financial difficulties several years later, Pellatt auctioned off many of his possessions and left his dream castle.

In the

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Fun things to do in Toronto

We all know the local attractions, the tourist destinations (that are still fun if you can handle the crowd). But what if you want to do something out of the ordinary? What if you woke up hankering for a day that is completely different? Maybe you've already posted Instagram photos of all the top spots on the list, and now it's time to find a different perspective.

So let's take a look at a look at lesser known Toronto, and find some of the nooks and crannies that aren't quite as as publicized as our main events, like the Tall Ships tours, the CN Tower EdgeWalk, and the world's biggest underground walkway, PATH. If you want to make an afternoon of getting to know a side of Toronto you've not had the pleasure of meeting yet, here's your chance! We've

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