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Find out about the best places to eat and enjoy the great diverse cultures and cuisines this city has to offer.

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toronto ethnic neighbourhoodsThere's nothing quite like travelling the world—not only does it give us a chance to experience different wonders and cultures, but it's also an excuse for us to taste and smell different flavours that are otherwise foreign to our senses.

But that of course, takes time and money—something the average Toronto busybody may not be able to spare so easily.

Lucky for us then, that Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world; with an extremely diverse demographic and more than 140 native languages and dialects spoken just within the Greater Toronto Area, this potpourri of a place is a great starting point as any to experience the world on a typical day in the city.

Toronto's Ethnic Neighbourhoods

Toronto's long history of

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Recently the American economist, academic and writer Tyler Cowen commented that after a tour of Scarborough ethnic cuisine it was some of the best he's ever experienced. Well, as locals we know all about the diversity of our neighbourhoods and the authentic small restaurants and mom and pop bistros that make a compelling argument for eating out.

But when it comes to the suburbs, sometimes these hotspots are lesser known. We've listed some of the more popular authentic eateries; from Filipino to Caribbean and Chinese Hakka. There's a melding pot of spices, flavours and mouth-watering sizzling dishes waiting to be discovered. Just take your pick from some of Scarborough's best ethnic restaurants below, in no particular order!

1.) Lotus Garden: 3460

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