February 2015

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Casa Loma

Perched atop a hill in Midtown Toronto, Casa Loma draws thousands of visitors each year who look up and proclaim, "It’s a castle in the middle of the city!" The stunning landmark was built by Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt to fulfill his childhood dream of owning a castle.

Kingston-born financier Sir Henry Pellatt commissioned architect E.J. Lennox in 1911 to build what would become the largest private residence in Canada upon completion three years later. Pellatt, with significant business interests in rail, electricity, land and insurance used his vast wealth to build the castle at a cost of $3.5 million. Following financial difficulties several years later, Pellatt auctioned off many of his possessions and left his dream castle.

In the

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Fun things to do in Toronto

We all know the local attractions, the tourist destinations (that are still fun if you can handle the crowd). But what if you want to do something out of the ordinary? What if you woke up hankering for a day that is completely different? Maybe you've already posted Instagram photos of all the top spots on the list, and now it's time to find a different perspective.

So let's take a look at a look at lesser known Toronto, and find some of the nooks and crannies that aren't quite as as publicized as our main events, like the Tall Ships tours, the CN Tower EdgeWalk, and the world's biggest underground walkway, PATH. If you want to make an afternoon of getting to know a side of Toronto you've not had the pleasure of meeting yet, here's your chance! We've

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